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Last updated: 2022-07-18 18:17:03 +0000
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I am a graduate student at Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune, India working with Prof. Durgesh Tripathi. I did my undergraduation/graduation (a 5 year course) from Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT Madras), India.

As a part of my PhD, I have been studying various aspects of the solar atmosphere and the solar wind. The solar wind is a stream of particles that starts from the Sun, and fills the interplanetary medium. Specifically, I have been trying to understand the regions of the Sun which give rise to the solar wind, and the possible acceleration locations/mechanism of the solar wind. However, this solar wind emergence and acceleration is intimately tied to another phenomenon called the “Coronal heating problem”. This pertains to the fact that the temperature of the solar atmosphere increases as we move away from the surface of the Sun – prompting us to think of possible energy source which dumps energy in the corona. I perform these studies predominantly using remote sensing spectroscopic and photometric observations of the Sun. Furthermore, I also study the solar wind in itself, and the effects it causes down here on the Earth – i.e, in other words, the “Space weather”.

Understanding and performing inferences from these data requires us to understand the possible physical processes and mechanisms that happen in the background. Hence, I also perform numerical simulations as the Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic simulations to understand the dynamics and thermodynamics of the solar atmosphere. These typically solve the fluid, magnetic field and energy equations for a given set of conditions.

Given the large volume of data we have in heliophysics, we find ourselves foraging in the regime of “Big-data”. This regime naturally suits algorithms like Machine learning and deep learning, which thrive on lot of data. I use ML/DL, along with what is called Information theory to develop forecasting, inversion and reduction pipelines for solar physics. I also work/look forward to work more developing interpretable, explainable and physics inspired deep learning models.

Now, while my primary research interest lies in solar physics, I am interested in astrophysics in general – it is the cosmos at large that dragged me into astrophysics, not just our Sun! Hence as an extension I am also interested in studying what happens in other stars/other kinds of stars, for example.

In general, I like automating things around me, and reduce human workload so efficient research could be done (I am still learning, but who is not!). Some of my codes on GitHub can be found here, where I also document tutorials I give, and the assignments we were given in grad school. Eventually, all of my research codes will go up there!

As does work, so do I get immense satisfaction from good music – Indian classical, Western classical, Punk rock, Pop, Heavy metal and Japanese metal (more like Anime openings), to name a few. Just as music provides solace and peace, I like running/going on long walks/going to the temple to reconnect with the world at large. Similarly, cooking offers an avenue to just “be in the moment”. Of course, I like reading, and typically like reading popular science, history/pre-history/proto-history, philosophy and Japanese comics called “Manga”.

This website is meant to be a collection of my professional work, bunch of tutorials/ talks, and more. I like teaching, so ocassionally there would be some stuff on what I may have taught to someone/bunch of folks if it has been well documented. A more personal blog/travelogue can be found in the Travel space here (the wordpress is not updated), and a bunch of semi-technical articles aimed for the informed reader on medium.